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NT Road Safety Short Film Competition promo

Sutton Grange Films was commissioned by Skinnyfish Music to produce a short clip to promote the inaugural NT Road Safety Short Film Competition to be held at Barunga Festival in 2015. The client for this project is NT Road Safety. Nigel Yunupingu from Galiwin'ku on Elcho Island lent his considerable comedic chops to the main role. Fabian Kantila (from Tiwi Island band B2M) is The Police Man. Terrah Guymala read the voice over. Shot over one very entertaining day in the Skinnyfish Music studio, this promo screened at the Barunga Festival 2014 and will be widely distributed throughout the Northern Territory over the next 12 months.

Nigel speaks in Yolngu Matha. "Manymuk" means good, "Yuka" means bad. Fabian, who speaks Tiwi, wanted his character to be a Kriol speaker despite not being able to speak this language. So fellow B2M band member Shelton Murray, who does speak Kriol, coached him. We had a lot of fun making this, as you can probably tell.
Client: Skinnyfish Music, NT Road Safety
Format: cinemaDNG (Ikonoskop ACAM dII)
Writer, Producer, Director, Cinematography & Editor: Paul Williams
Art Direction: Tim Burgin
Location sound: Matthew Cunliffe
Colourist: Vincent Taylor (Raygun Studios)
Sound Design & Mix: Marc Judson (Postall Studios)
Cast: Nigel Yunupingu, Fabian Kantila, Shelton Murray
Narrator: Terrah Guymala
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